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MING services are designed to provide the most efficient project execution regardless of company size. In a talk with you we shall capture your situation, discover problems, hear your plan and whishes. After some time we shall propose the project goal and scope, team size and roles, education program for your staff, tool and platform for design optimization and implementation of Enterprise Architecture. Than we shall provide a team of experts which can together with you employees execute project with the highest quality on planed time and budget.




MING-Impuls service is designed for the companies which decided to build EA with their staff and with our help in the form of education, consulting, managing end or supervising. Our Impuls service enables company "kick start" in building EA. In a period  of one to max two months we finish education of all members of EA team define the project scope and goal and team can start to work on project.



MING-BusinessModel service is intended for design of enterprise BUSINESS MODEL. It describe business vision and mission, organization units, concept of business execution, program solutions architecture, IT infrastructure architecture and the elements mutual dependencies. This service represent first activity in process for building Enterprise Architecture.



MING-ProcessModel service is intended for design of Business Process Model. Model describes processes at high level, process hierarchy, process steps and activities, process and activity relations to organization units, organization business functions, roles and program solutions. This model is base for executing MING-GapAnalysis or MING-Requirements or MING-Integration services.



Service MING-Special is designed for the companies which are designing EA alone but in the specific period of time lack some experts which we have available. Then we work on part of a project according to customer request.




MING-Architecture is service designed for companies which do not have their own staff for EA build and contract with us to build EA for them. We build EA, implement and work on change management for them or teach them to do change management alone.




Service MING-GapAnalysis is designed for executing GAP analysis between business requirement and functionality of business program solution or applications. The result is gap matrix which is base for updating applications and / or changing some activities in business process. We strongly suggest to customers to execute it before implementation of bought program solution to provide business and program alignment and painful short and successful implementation.



MING-Optima service is designed for purpose of modeling optimized "to be" business model. With it implementation company shall have met all the conditions for the best performance. During modeling to be state a number of cross analysis are to be done from the point of strategy, organization, business process, program solutions and IT infrastructure.



MING-Requirements service is designed for purpose of capturing and modeling business requirements model. During analysis also is created logical business process model. Creating requirements model before program solution development save time and provide high quality of developed solution. We execute it as a first step inside GapAnalysis service.



Service MING-Integration is designed for automated integration of program solutions. In the analysis phase application and IT infrastructure are analyzed. Integration model describe on logical level process for automation, structure of data and suggested platform for realization of integration.



Our partner TROUX provide methodology for Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM)

a management discipline that enables organizations to understand and optimize the connected set of enterprise portfolios: goals and strategy, business architecture,

applications, technology, information and investments.


Creating a team from MING and TROUX experts we can

efficiently and successfully solve any of following tasks:

■Business Goal & Strategy Planning
■Business & IT Alignment
■Mergers & Acquisitions
■Business Architecture
■IT Portfolio Analysis, Management & Optimization
■Cloud Transformation
■Data Center Consolidation
■Information Portfolio Management
■Investment & Program Management
■Solution Architecture Management
■Application Portfolio Management

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"Nobody needs to be reminded that today’s business climate is changing faster than ever. The dynamic nature of today’s markets and the rapid introduction of disruptive technologies place a huge burden on business. Today, more than ever, business must be agile in strategy, innovative in technology and responsive to customer demands."   (Troux Introduction to EPF)

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